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need a VO? head over to taptap! we accept fiat, steem, sbd and soups from our amazon wishlist!

instagram video ad designs

instagram #steem ads 4:3

niche in demand service from upwork clients -- top and bottom text overlays for instagram videos, audio, subtitles etc, buy our template! (16:9 soon!)

social video overlays

want to rapidly put out custom videos on twitter with a video, our overlays are purposely built for pushing out on twitter and are completely custom made.

screenflow templates

we have developed a number of screenflow templates that make rapidly prototyping content. follow a series of steps to update layers for on screen subtitles.


we developed a whole pack for the #STEEM blockchain, with support for many dapps from steemapps.com -- we also are able to full make a custom look for twitch/vimm!

short video edits

taking your raw video or any green screen work, adding intros/outros plus top and tailing your video. we can even drop the video in your cloud storage ready.


just give us your audio and we put together a video with transitions, and an overlay waveform using tools like headliner.app for use in social media sites.

technical screencasts

are you looking for screencasts with a uk boy, or us girl voiceover? we have you covered, you provide the script or a rough outline and we will get you a video screencast that you can proud to put on youtube or your website.


Often times we get a lot of clients that have a great idea and buy all the software and hardware to make it happen and then they realise that it's a process to actually do the work, we help with that with screencasts. need one?

basic commercial intros

Simple intro and outro transitions for branding quick fire social videos, super clean, simple and easy just to lift a basic video enough for sharing through social channels, also able to create cinemagraphs in this format.

web app walkthrough

do you need a simple explainer video for the front of your website or maybe as part of a course that you just have not had time to finish? maybe you need a complete course doing, either way, we got you covered.

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social overlays

instagram ads / 4:3

short video edits

Audio to Video Podcasts

basic stinger commercial intros


teach me screencasts

technical screencasts

web app walkthrough